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Bake To Impress: 100 Show-Stopping Cakes and Desserts

"Bored of regular baking? Looking for new challenges? Discover a whole new world of baking creativi..

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Cake Decorating (Try It!)

"Let Try it! Cake Decorating inspire you to pick and mix from hundreds of fun and easy cake decorat..

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The Integrative Nutrition Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Health and Happiness

"80+ simple recipes spanning multiple dietary restrictions and preferences. Published in e-book onl..

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The Diabetes Cooking Book

Managing your diet is the key to good diabetes control. With recipes for lunch, dinner and healthy s..

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The Science of Spice

Understand Flavour Connections and Revolutionize your Cooking..

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What to Eat During Cancer Treatment

More than 130 Recipes to Help You Copeby Jeanne Besser & Barbara L. Grant with the American Canc..

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