Welcome to Our World 1- Big Book

Welcome to Our World 1- Big Book

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Welcome to Our World 1 Big Book

The Welcome to Our World Big Books consists of 12 originals and exciting stories that reinforce the content and themes of the Welcome to Our World series and bring storytelling into the very young learners' classroom. Each book contains four stories and includes picture dictionary pages and fun activities. The Big Book helps teachers engage with their very young learners and make storytelling fun!

· Daddy Bear, Open the Door! - Mummy Bear and Baby Bear go out and leave Daddy Bear at home. Suddenly, the monster asks Daddy Bear to open the door. Who could the monster be?

· What Do You Want? - Daddy goes out to buy presents for his family, but he loses his shopping list on the way. Does Daddy remember what to buy?

· I Like Dolls! - Grandma and Grandpa come to visit and give their grandchildren a doll. When the children wake up the next morning, they discover that the doll is missing! What happened to it?

· Let's Play! - Baby Cat and Mummy Cat are at the park. Baby Cat wants a friend to play with. He sees some dogs, birds, and fish, but they don't want to play. Baby Cat is sad. Does he find someone to play with?