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Acts of Literature

by Jacques Derrida Volume editor Derek Attridge..

4,500.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 4,500.00 RSD

British or American English?

A Handbook of Word and Grammar Patternsby John Algeo..

4,390.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 4,390.00 RSD

Children Learning Second Languages

by Annamaria Pinter..

3,519.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 3,519.00 RSD

Feature Writing: Pearson New International Edition

by Edward Jay Friedlander and John Lee..

3,900.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 3,900.00 RSD

Kazuo Ishiguro

by Wai-chew Sim..

2,490.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,490.00 RSD

Language and Style

by Dan McIntyre & Beatrix Busse..

4,525.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 4,525.00 RSD

Literary Landscapes : From Modernism to Postcolonialism

by  Attie De Lange, Gail Fincham, Jeremy Hawthorn and Jakob Lothe..

8,470.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 8,470.00 RSD

The Art of English: Everyday Creativity

by Janet Maybin and Joan Swann..

4,357.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 4,357.00 RSD

Understanding English Grammar

by Thomas E. Payne..

4,023.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 4,023.00 RSD