-15% The Cattle Health - Handbook

The Cattle Health - Handbook

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From the keeper of a family milk cow to the rancher overseeing a large beef herd, anyone who works with cattle has a vested interest in maintaining the animals' health. In most cases, the financial viability of a farm depends on the continued well-being of the farm animals. Large-animal veterinarians are in short supply and their bills can add up quickly, so it's often up to the farmer to provide routine health care. Beginning with detailed information on how to detect signs of illness, this book progresses through the various causes of cattle health problems, describing symptoms and discussing prevention and treatment. Readers will find reassuring advice on handling bacterial and viral diseases; digestive and respiratory problems; eye, skin, foot, and mouth irritations; injuries and wounds; and, much more. Thomas also helps farmers recognize when a situation calls for veterinary assistance. Case histories, real characters, and humorous anecdotes give the text a warm voice of authority. Primary income source or country hobby, cattle are unique; the people who care for them want their animals to be healthy and comfortable.
For the first-time dairy farmer or the experienced cattle rancher, this reliable volume is a must-have resource.