Metodologija i profesionalno usavršavanje

Metodologija i profesionalno usavršavanje
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Storytelling With Our Students Nema na stanju

Storytelling With Our Students

Storytelling, the art of telling an unscripted story directly to listeners; "Storytelling" provides..

1,850.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 1,850.00 RSD

Activities for interactive whiteboards

A revolution in education..

2,449.70 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,449.70 RSD

Building Blocks for English

by Sarah Philpot..

2,068.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,068.00 RSD

Creative Writing

by Christine Frank & Mario Rinvolucri..

1,997.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 1,997.00 RSD

Culture in our Classrooms

Teaching language through cultural content..

1,818.30 RSD Bez PDV-a: 1,818.30 RSD

Digital Play

Computer games and language aims..

1,200.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 1,200.00 RSD

English through ART

100 activities to develop language skills..

2,300.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,300.00 RSD

English through drama

Creative activities for Inclusive ELT classes..

2,300.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,300.00 RSD

Language Hungry

by Tim Murphey..

2,107.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,107.00 RSD

Multiple Intelligences in EFL

by Herbert Puchta & Mario Rinvolucri..

2,475.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,475.00 RSD

Rhymes and Rhythm (+ DVD)

A poem-based course for English pronunciation..

3,267.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 3,267.00 RSD

Role plays for today

Photocopiable activities to get student speaking..

2,204.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,204.00 RSD

Seeds of confidence

Self'esteem activities for the EFL clasroom..

2,344.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,344.00 RSD

Talking culture

by Maria Cleary..

959.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 959.00 RSD

Teaching Chunks of Languages

by Seth Lindstromberg and Frank Boers..

2,107.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,107.00 RSD


Interactive tasks to get students talking..

1,103.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 1,103.00 RSD

The Principled Communicative Approach

Seven criteria for successby Jane Arnold, Zoltan Dornyei and Chaz Pugliese..

2,600.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 2,600.00 RSD

World Around

by Maria Cleary..

1,402.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 1,402.00 RSD