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AFTERMATH Marcus Jansen

" AFTERMATH  Marcus Jansen He is considered the innovator and pioneer of a new urban Expressionis..

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Christine Ljubanovic: Conversation Portraits: Photo-Suites 1974 - 2014

Christine Ljubanovic’s portrait photographs of famous artists, curators, critics and writers lie be..

3,850.00 RSD Bez PDV-a: 3,850.00 RSD

Hokusai X Manga: Japanese Pop Culture Since 1680

"Anime and manga are powerful pop-culture phenomena, capturing people's imaginations in the pages o..

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Late Harvest

"Late Harvest juxtaposes contemporary art made with taxidermy with historically significant wildlif..

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ORNAMENTAL DESIGN PRINTS: From the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century

"With their overwhelming wealth of forms, prints of designs of historic ornaments are a source of b..

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