Developing Thinking Skills in the Young Learner Classroom (Wonderful World W2e – can be adapted to include Our World + Look)

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 The role of the young learner teacher is multi-faceted – not only do
 we have the responsibility of developing our learners’ language
 knowledge and skills, but also the cognitive, social and interpersonal
 skills they need to in order to be successful in school, work and life
 in the 21st century. With examples from National Geographic
 Learning’s young learner series, in this hands-on webinar we’ll
 explore how we can develop our learners’ thinking skills (both
 critical and creative) through developing a questioning mindset,
 incorporating visible thinking routines and language learning

 “I do.” The Importance of Engagement in English Language Teaching
(Life & Perspectives)

 For outcomes and goals to be successfully achieved in the language
 classroom not only do we need to try and develop our students’
 motivation, we also need to make sure that they are as engaged in the
 learning process as possible. Indeed, engagement has even been
 described as the holy grail of learning. However, as we can all attest
 to, engaging teenagers in the language classroom is rarely an easy
 task. Using examples from XXXX , in this webinar we’ll start by
 exploring what exactly we mean by engagement, how it differs to
 motivation and why it is so important for successful learning. We’ll
 then move on and look at a number of practical ideas of how exactly we
 can enhance our students’ engagement throughout a lesson.